Patch Notes - 16/08/2018

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Thu Aug 16, 2018 4:24 pm

Hello everybody!
We plan to carry out maintenance every 20 days, on Wednesdays. Although we did a week ago, we want to implement a new loyalty system as soon as possible. This aims to keep players online as long as possible, considering that we have many accounts created but few active players.
Here is the list of updates below:
• Added the Loyalty System.
The player earns points per hour online, and can exchange them for some items at a store in the center of Prontera, Morroc and Payon. The current list is aimed at helping new players, and may be reviewed in the future.

• Changes to the Kafra Pass and Stylist Pass description.
Several players were in doubt about how the Kafra Pass worked, and really was missing an explanation: It does not expire, and serves all Kafra services. As for the Stylist Pass, it works for the entire account when active.

• Fixed sprite of Event items.
Although no one had yet received them, they were in error.

• Fixed Trunk drop on Elder Willow.
The rate was wrong. We received a player report, thank you!

• Added session with Box Rates information in the Forum.
The drop rates of Box items are not all the same, we are putting the information in the forum little by little.
Most bugs that are fixed by Staff are reported by players. If you find something wrong, we ask you to tell us about the Forum or any other means of communication!
Have a good game!
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